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Each of us is governed by a thinking style that is founded upon our values and beliefs and informed by our self-awareness.

We can choose to accept our current achievements as the norm or we can realise our full potential by re-crafting our inner narrative, building confidence and ending self deception.

Step changes in performance occur when we see possibilities with new eyes.

Getting a top team on the same page means challenging dysfunction and turning the tension dynamics to your advantage.

As coach-in-chief it's a leader's job to focus the team's energy on the mission, strike the right skills balance, build resilience and encourage sincere and open communication.

The pathway to success is easy to find when everyone is moving forward together.

It's the top team's primary role to engage stakeholders to make things happen. Facts and figures rarely inspire people, whereas a powerful narrative does.

Storytelling is a craft skill that defines inspirational leaders. Practitioners are seen as authentic, approachable and empathic, and effortlessly engage and motivate others at an emotional level.

Stories that are emotionally exciting create a sense of urgency and generate buy-in for your vision and strategy.

Never before has business been more uncertain, with exponential change coupled with low or no growth markets.

Leaders need to make extraordinary things happen fast, by creating the conditions where stakeholders are responsive and flexible, and where barriers to innovation and change are swept away.

Making the impossible possible can be achieved by unlocking an organisation's potential and unblocking the barriers to change.